A video of the session is available on the Skills Matter website: https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/9107-full-stack-quants.

The whole session is on GitHub at https://github.com/robert-hardy/FullStackQuants.

Here are a collection of links that get mentioned:

  • The basics of the web and browsers:
  • jQuery
  • To do MVC
    • A brilliant idea from JavaScript guru Addy Osmani: the same app built with lots of different languages and frameworks, here.
  • Client-side vs server-side rendering
    • A blog post form Tom Dale discusses client-side vs server-side rendering, here. There is a link to this article here on the work that Twitter did to improve the loading times.
  • CDN
    • Get lots of your JavaScript from cdnjs.com: here.
  • Flask
    • The mega tutorial by Miguel Grinberg here.
    • Building a RESTful API by Miguel Grinberghere.
  • Underscore
    • Documentation here.
    • Annotated source here.